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About The API

This API provides data about past UFC fights. Data is returned in the following JSON format:

"fighter_1":"Israel Adesanya",
"fighter_2":"Robert Whittaker",
"winner":"Israel Adesanya",

URL API Requests

You may access the API by direct URL request. To do so, format the URL as follows:



Each request must include your API Key. You are allowed up to 200 API requests per month. You have used of 200 this month.

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Enter a year 1993 - 2022 or 'Any'.



Identify PPV events by number. For example, '281' or '65'.
Identify Fight Night events by headliner last names. For example, 'Kattar vs Allen' or 'Velasquez vs Dos Santos'.

Example:https://fightingtomatoes.com/API/{api-key}/any/Velasquez vs Dos Santos/any


Enter fighter first and last name. For example, 'Georges St-Pierre' or 'Conor McGregor',

Example:https://fightingtomatoes.com/API/{api-key}/any/any/Conor McGregor

Fighting Tomatoes Aggregate Rating

This is the average score this fight has received by fightingtomatoes.com website users. It is a score out of 100. Higher means users found the fight more entertaining.

API Support

If you have any questions about the API or encounter any errors in the data or system, please let us know at hello@fightingtomatoes.com