'I'm not saying no.' Dana White Leaves Door Open for Logan Paul to find UFC Opponent

With the right opponent, could we see Logan Paul in the UFC?

On a recent episode of his podcast IMPAULSIVE, Youtube star and boxer Logan Paul asked guest UFC President, Dana White if he would ever let Paul fight in the UFC.

Paul: "If I wanted to do a UFC fight, is that something you'd entertain?"

White: "Who would you want to fight?"

Paul: "I don't know."

White: "You have wrestling and boxing. Did you ever do Jiu-Jitsu?"

Paul: "Of course. Yeah. I could get it done Dana."

White: "I'm not saying no. I'm not saying no."

Smiling and friendly, Dana White seemed to be open to the possibility of Logan Paul one day fighting in the UFC, if the situation and opponent make sense.

Logan Paul became famous as a teen Youtube star making funny music videos and other comedic material. Paul then evolved into a boxer, facing fellow Youtuber KSI and squared-circle legend, Floyd Mayweather. Achieving high viewership for his boxing matches, Paul has proven himself as a valuable commercial entity in the combat world - Dana White is right to leave the door open for Paul.

Who would Logan Paul face in the UFC? First of all - which weight class is he? Paul weighed 190lbs for the Floyd Mayweather fight - so his likely UFC weight class would be 185lbs Middleweight or 170lbs Welterweight. The promotion would likely look for an opponent who has a similar skill level as Paul but also has enough star power to draw viewers. This means top ranked fighters such as Kamaru Usman, Colby Covington, Israel Adesany and Robert Whittaker would be too competetive for Pauls' first match. He would likely have to face someone lower in the rankings. My proposition would be Darren Till - Till is a loved and well-known fighter, whose fighting success inside the octagon has been luke-warm lately. As a fun and recognizable person, Till would provide great antagonism to Logan Paul, and viewers might believe get behind Paul's ability to defeat UFC fan favorite Till. If Till's not DTF other matches we'd think could offer parity to Paul include Edmen Shahbazyan and Jorge Masvidal. The fight may be more of a "for-fun" event than a serious contender bout, unless the Youtube star wins - then it could be the beginning of Logan Paul's rise in the UFC. Would you like to see Logan Paul inside the octagon? Who should he fight?

- March 30 2022